What is off-market property advisor on BuyItNext.com?

  1. Off-market property advisors are licensed real estate professionals.

  2. Off-market advisors stay ahead of the most current local market trends.

  3. Off-market advisors understand the nuances affecting value from one block to the next in their local market.

  4. Off-market advisors willingly educate consumers on the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of off-market transactions. 

  5. Off-market advisors utilize industry leading technology in support of meeting consumer demands.

    Off-market property advisors are passionate about gathering and sharing genuine community insights on a micro scale—down to the neighborhood and street level.

For Potential Buyers:

Off-market property advisors have a connected network and hyper-local market knowledge base that allows them to often learn of properties coming to the market before they hit the MLS. This puts potential buyers in a distinct advantage of being able to put in an offer ahead of the competition.

For Property Owners:

Off-market property advisors understand the off-market selling opportunities, values, trends,  and inventory levels for each specific neighborhood, along with having a sound strategy for marketing, negotiating, and dealing with multiple offers from potential buyers, which are key factors to optimizing the final sales price.   Off-market property advisors can be a property owner's Single Point Of Contact for the purposes of receiving, comparing, and presenting offers from potential buyers throughout the duration of ownership without actively listing and marketing the property for sale. 

If you are a real estate professional looking to take your business to the next level,  Search zip codes for the availability of becoming an off-market property advisor.

Who is qualified to be a trusted Off Market Property Advisor on BuyItNext.com?

An Off Market Property Advisor on BuyItNext.com is a licensed real estate professional (e.g., broker, broker associate, agent, team leader) who wants to help unrepresented potential buyers connect with unrepresented owners before a property is listed for sale. Off Market, property  Advisors may also reach out to the current owner's last selling agent if registered on BuyItNext.com.

BuyItNext.com requires each Off-Market Property Advisor to:

1. Be an actively licensed real estate professional with a minimum of 5 years of real estate experience.

2. Be registered on BuyItNext.com as a last-selling agent on the properties they helped current owners buy and hope to sell in the future.

3. Inform stakeholders (sellers, buyers, lenders, etc.) on the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of off-market transactions.

4. Be an advocate for all actively licensed last-selling agents to participate on BuyItNext.com

5. Comply with the Fair Housing Act and their local MLS Clear Cooperation Policies.

6. Continuously exhibit the many positive traits of a trusted off-market property advisor listed below:

- Seems to understand sellers and buyers effortlessly
- Are consistent
- Always helps see things from a fresh perspective
- Doesn't try to force things
- Helps think things through
- Separates logic from emotion
- Informs and shares their experiences
- Is in it for the long haul
- Gives reasoning, not just their conclusions
- Give options, increases understanding of those options gives their recommendations, and allow for choices
- Challenges assumptions
- Acts like a real person, not someone in a role
- Is reliably on your side and always seems to have your interests at heart
- Is always honorable

What is the annual investment of an Off Market Property Advisor?

Off-market property advisor annual investment varies by the marketplace. The median home sale price and the number of parcels in a local marketplace are the two primary factors in determining the annual investment of off-market property advisor membership.

Off-market property advisor annual membership criteria:

• There is only one off-market property advisor per zip code.
• Off-market property advisor territories can be comprised of one or more zip codes. 
• Off-market property advisors territories range in size from 10,000 to 50,000 property parcels.

Use this calculator to estimate the annual off-market advisor territory investment.
1. Enter the Median Sales Price of properties in your preferred territory: $400,000
2. Enter the Number of Property Parcels in your preferred territory: 20,000
Annual off-market property advisor territory investment estimate: $800.00


Important: Annual off-market property advisor territory fee is re-calibrated annually to account for changes in the median sales price and the number of property parcels.

Are Off-Market Property Advisor memberships available in my area?

The initial launch of BuyItNext.com will include Off-Market Property Advisor memberships in the following ten (10) Colorado front-range counties containing over 1.74 million property parcels: 
Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, El Paso, Jefferson, Larimer, and Weld.

Check back often for Off-Market Property Advisor memberships throughout the U.S.

The easiest way to find out if an Off-Market Property Advisor membership is available in your area is to do a search by entering a zip code. If the map displays the contact information of an Off-Market Property Advisor in the lower right of the parcel map, then Off-Market Property Advisor membership in that zip code is not currently available.
If the map does not display the contact information of an Off-Market Property Advisor, then click on "Check availability in your area!"   

Submit information in the pop-up window for Off-Market Property Advisor membership inquiries. A BuyItNext.com team member will respond to your inquiry within 5 business days.
Important: Before applying, please review: Who is qualified to be an Off-Market Property Advisor?


What is the typical size of a Off-Market Property Advisor territory?

Off-Market Property Advisor territories typically range in size from a minimum of 10,000 property parcels up to 50,000 property parcels.

Real estate teams often provide greater capacity than individual agents.

Learn more about becoming an Off Market Property Advisor here. 

What is an "Exclusive Right To Facilitate Off Market Offers Agreement"?

The model document -  Exclusive Right To Facilitate Off-Market Offers Agreement - can be used by property owners and an off-market advisor to establish a Single Point Of Contact for the purposes of receiving, comparing, and presenting offers from potential buyers throughout the duration of off-market ownership. 

Key summary provisions:

1. Designated Single Point Of Contact Obligations:

- to assist the property owner in receiving, comparing, and presenting off-market offers from potential buyers.

- to use professional knowledge, skills, and expertise in assisting consumers

2. Client Obligations:

- to work exclusively with the designated SPOC agent for the off-market sale of the property during the terms of the agreement

- to furnish relevant property information to SPOC necessary to receive, process, compare and present off-market offers

3. Term of the agreement shall terminate at any time upon oral or written termination by Client 


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