How is unique? is a come one, come all off-market portal. focuses on improving off-market property selling and buying experiences for current owners, the current owner's last-selling agent, and potential buyers.

The vast majority of properties in the U.S. were bought by the current property owner with the assistance of a real estate professional, known commonly as the last selling agent. These last-selling agents are unique in the sense they are the one and only last-selling agents on a unique property.   Last-selling agents typically know the property, know the nuances from one street to the next in the neighborhood, and likely will know when the current owner is getting ready to sell. keeps the participating last-selling agent at the center of the conversation throughout the duration of ownership by providing exclusive access to actual potential buyer interest.

When a current owner is getting ready to sell, the participating last-selling agent can change the property status from "off-market" to "ready-to-sell"  on, which results in notifications being sent to registered potential buyers.   It is up to the interested potential buyer to contact the last-selling agent to receive the information they want.   

Important: Although potential buyer interest survey responses are shared with registered last-selling agents, is designed to keep a potential buyer's personal identity information (PII) private to protect the potential buyer from receiving unsolicited offers.  A potential buyer decides when and how to contact a last-selling agent.

Equally Important: is designed to keep ready-to-sell property locations private.  Why?  To protect the current owner from receiving unsolicited offers to help sell their property.  To learn the property location potential buyers are notified to contact the registered last selling agent.  It is up to the last selling agent to share property location information with potential buyers.

What are the four biggest misconceptions consumers have regarding selling and buying real estate?

1. "The seller pays real estate agents commissions."   

While it is true for active listings the listing agreement dictates the sharing of commissions. However, the fact remains the buyer is the one bringing the funds to closing, from which real estate commissions are paid.   

2.  "Real estate agent commissions are not negotiable".   

Actually,, a good agent won't be offended and will be more than willing to share their perspective.  Given the particular circumstances of each property sale/purchase transaction, real estate commissions may be negotiable.  It never hurts to ask

3.  "Only real estate investors are buying off-market properties"

 With low inventeory of homes listed for sale, fierce offer competition, more and more buyers are also looking off-market for more buying opportunities.

4. "FSBOs typically sell for less than the selling price of other homes."   

This is only true because owners of lower-priced homes are more likely to sell to someone they know, and are located in more rural areas than urban and suburban areas.   

Important:   Should the information on be independently verified? 

Yes, all information is subject to change and should be independently verified.  This publication is designed to provide information regarding the subject matter covered. It is displayed with the understanding that the publisher and authors are not engaged in rendering real estate, legal, accounting, tax, or other professional services and that the publisher and authors are not offering such advice in this publication. If real estate, legal, or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent, professional person should be sought. This information is being provided for the consumers’ personal, non-commercial use and may not be used for any other purpose.  

This website and BuyItNext in general is intended for informational and educational purposes only and is not investment, tax, financial planning, legal, or real estate advice. BuyItNext is not your advisor or agent. Please consult your own experts for advice in these areas. Although BuyItNext provides information it believes to be accurate, BuyItNext makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy or completeness of the information contained on this website.

How does a buyer interest questionnaire help facilitate off-market collaboration?

Buyer interest
questionnaires help registered property owners or the property owner's registered last selling agent know about buyer interest throughout the current owner's duration of ownership.

Buyer interest questionnaire responses are a snap-shot of a potential buyer's level of interest and is always subject to change over time.   Interested buyers should update their responses when necessary and be prepared to discuss their responses when contacting current owners or the current owner's last selling agent.    

Below are the potential buyer interest questions.  Important: Completing a buyer interest questionnaire does not obligate potential buyers to make an offer of purchase or retain the services of a real estate professional. 

1. Are you working with a salesperson/broker at this time?  Yes or No
2. What type of buyer?  First-time,  Investor, Second Home, etc.
3. Are you a cash buyer?  Yes or No
4. If not a cash buyer, are you pre-qualified?  
5. How much has a lender told you that you're qualified for? $_____________
6. What is your buying time frame?  Within 3 months
Within 6 months
Within 9 Months
When an owner is ready to sell
7. Do your own or rent now? Own
8. How many months have you been looking? ____
9. If you find the right property, are you prepared to make a decision?  Yes or Not Sure
10. What price range have you been considering? $________   to $________
11. How many bedrooms? ____
12. What minimum square footage? ______ sq. ft.
13. Preferred method to be contacted?   Phone, Emai, or Text 
14. Do you want your personal identity shared after the last selling agent certifies intent to sell?  Yes or No
15. Do you want to bid to enter into a Right Of First Offer Agreement?  Yes or No

Important:   Based on's  Privacy and Terms of Use policies, a registered potential buyer’s personal identity information (PII) is not shared with third parties, including the registered current owner(s) or the current owner's registered last selling agent.  

Registered potential buyers are provided the contact information of the registered current owner or the current owner's registered last selling agent.   When potential buyers contact the registered current owner or the current owner's registered last selling agent the potential buyer can obtain more information about the ready-to-sell property.

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Why is it the right time for off-market opportunities? is built to be the only national all-inclusive last-selling agent registry. We will deliver an unmatched experience for every user from single agents, to top-performing teams and mega teams, to robust national enterprise brands.

BIN is brand-new, so this is where we are right now. There’s a real utility now.  When real estate agents get registered on properties they helped the current owner purchase, they:

• receive last-selling agent brand visibility throughout the duration of ownership;
• receive an immediate notification of potential buyer interest;
• can facilitate the granting of the right of first offer agreements with potential buyers who may be willing to pay to hold the right of first offer, 
• can facilitate off-market offers when the owner is ready to sell, and 
• when necessary, have a competitive advantage to 'win the listing' and activate marketing of the property.

BIN benefits all off-market Stakeholders, including sellers, buyers, and real estate professionals.
  • Potential buyers are increasingly frustrated by the lack of available listed home inventory and the need for an efficient and effective way to connect with the last selling agent, so they do not miss out when off-market property owners are getting ready to sell.
  • Prospective buyers cannot be wallflowers if they expect to buy a great property off-market. Unrepresented prospective buyers who connect with last-selling agents are more likely to find off-market buying opportunities where they want to live. 
  • There is a unique opportunity for last-selling agents to compete with the disruptors of owner attention.   
  • Property owners are increasingly wanting to know all their options for selling fast for the right price by avoiding the hassles and uncertainty of listing their property for sale.
  • Last-selling agents are uniquely well-positioned to facilitate off-market transactions that provide potential buyers the information they want and save buyers time and money. 

The off-market savings calculator below illustrates buyer savings in the form of a buyer commission rebate when the last selling agent provides “transaction broker” services, which potentially reduces the buyer’s purchase price without reducing a seller’s proceeds.

Example:  Off-Market Savings Calculator
Final Sale Price $500,000
Real Estate Commission Percentage 6.00%
Real Estate Commission $30,000
Seller Net Proceeds $470,000
Buyer Commission Rebate Percentage 2.00%
Buyer Commission Rebate * $10,000
Buyer's Effective Purchase Price $490,000

* Buyer commission rebates may not be available in Alaska, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Oregon, New Jersey, Tennessee, Kansas, Alabama, and Missouri.

What is the purpose of the 'Exclusive Right To Facilitate Off Markets Offer Agreement'?

Property owners for a variety of reasons, without obligation to market or sell their property, may want to enter into an 'Exclusive Right To Facilitate Off Market Offers Agreement' that designates a trusted advisor - like their last selling agent or a local off-market property advisor, to be the single point of contact for the limited purpose of handling unsolicited offers throughout the property owner's lifespan of ownership. 

A single point of contact can also provide support to property owners wanting to grant a potential buyer a right of first offer.  Learn more here.

Important:    Before using this editable model document - real estate professionals should review and obtain the approval of their managing broker and if necessary obtain legal advice.   

Why does want to feature property service providers of current owners?

Coming soon:   Unlike the largest search engines who focus on providing consumers a choice of property service providers who have never seen the owner's property, instead features service providers who did provide property services to property owners.   

Instead of knocking on the property owner's door or sending them a letter,  what if you could simply look online at

Important:  There is a benefit to service providers when the consumers (neighbors and next owners) know who and when property services were provided.

What types of service providers can register on 

Last-selling agents and mortgage loan officers can subscribe to be visible at the property parcel level. 

In the very near future, all service providers (see listing below) who provided goods and services to current property owners will be able to sign up to be visible on

Appliance Install & Repair Services
Appraisal Services
Architect Services
Cabinet Making & Install Services
Carpentry & Woodworking Services
Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Install & Repair Services
Concrete, Brick & Stone Services
Countertop Fabrication & Install Services
Deck Install & Repair Services
Designers & Decorators 
Disability Services
Drywall Install & Repair Services
Electrical Services
Energy Audit Services
Escrow & Closing Services
Excavation Services
Fan Installation Services
Fence Install & Repair Services
Fireplace - Install, Clean and Inspect Services
Foundation Repair Services
Fountains & Ponds
Furniture Repair & Refinish Services
Garage - Builder Services
Garage - Remodel Services
Garage Door Repair Services
Garage Organizer Services
General Contractor
Gutter Install, Repair & Cleaning Services
Handyman Services
Hardwood Floor  Install & Repair Services
Heating & Air Conditioning Services
Home Inspection Services
Home Media Services
Homeowners Insurance
Home Warranty Services
Insulation Services
Junk Removal Services
Landscape Services
Lighting Design Services
Maid Services
Mortgage Financing & Refinancing Services
Moving & Storage Services
Painting Services
Plumbing Repair & Install Services
Pool, Hotub Install & Cleaning Services
Real Estate Broker/Agent Services
Real Estate Property Management Services
Roofing Install, Repair & Inspection Services
Septic Install, Repair & Inspection Services
Snow Removal Services
Solar Energy Services
Sprinkler Services
Structural Engineer Services
Stucco Install & Repair Services
Tile Install & Repair Services
Title Insurance Services
Tree & Shrub Services
Well Install, Repair & Inspections Services
Window Cleaning Services
Windows / Door Install & Repair Services
Why should property service providers register to be seen on

Good work performed by property service providers should not go unrecognized. is an online resource for finding who can and did provide property services.   

If you have ever wondered who the service providers are that painted a house, built a wrap-around porch, or landscaped a front yard, then you probably were faced with the decision of knocking on the door in the hope of catching the property owner at home.  There has got to be a better way.  And there is! 

Last-selling agents and mortgage loan officers, make yourself stick out on without spending a ton of money.

In the very near future, all types of property service providers will be visible to consumers beyond the hours your work vehicle is parked at the property.  When a service provider is proud of the work completed they can subscribe on to be visible and validated.

It's an exciting time for property service providers to be seen and connected with consumers who value the services provided.

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