Who is a property owner's last selling agent?

The terminology may differ in various areas of the country, but for clarity purposes on BuyItNext.com, once the property is sold the buyer's agent becomes known as the "last selling agent" throughout the duration of ownership.      

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How does BuyItNext.com help last-selling agents?

BuyItNext.com helps registered last-selling agents be visible to consumers and enhance their relationship with current owner clients by exclusively sharing potential buyer interest throughout the duration of property ownership.

Real estate is a game of longevity, no matter what market you’re working in.

When your client is getting ready to sell - as a registered last-selling agent you can simply change the property status from "off-market" to "ready for a sale" on BuyItNext.com.   This triggers notifications being sent to registered potential buyers with instructions to contact you, the registered last selling agent to schedule a call or meeting to discuss opportunities to purchase the subject property.

The relationship you build with your clients - including being in a position to help them sell fast if necessary -  will help insulate you against competition looking to disintermediate you and capture those prospects.

FYI... There is a new trend in real estate regarding off-market owner representation.   Last-selling agents who want to be at the center of the conversation with current owners of off-market properties may want to utilize an Exclusive Right To Solicit Offers Agreement.   Modify this agreement to comply with your state laws and your managing broker's requirements.


How do last-selling agents subscribe to be visible on properties they helped the current owner buy?

1. Registering as the last-selling agent on BuyItNext.com is FREE. 
2. Next, search the address of each property you helped the current owner purchase and hope to resell in the future.   
3. Subscribe as the last selling agent to get exclusively connected to potential buyers when owners are ready to sell.
4. If a property is sold that you are no longer the last selling agent on, simply sign in, go to My Properties and remove the property. 
5. If you did help the new owner purchase the property, then simply re-register as the last selling agent of the new owner.

Important: Intentionally misrepresenting yourself or anyone else as a current property owner's last selling agent will result in the removal of user privileges without a refund of subscription fees paid.

What does it cost to subscribe as a current owner's last selling agent?   $3 for an annual subscription, which is less than an average cost of a cup of coffee!

To find long-term success in real estate you must have a long-term strategy.  One that keeps you at the center of the conversation throughout the duration of your client's property ownership.

When managing your business, you know that one of the keys to profitability is maximizing your last selling agent visibility to consumers where they are - online.

Instead of perceiving online visibility as an expense, what if it was viewed as an investment? 

If you expect the current owner to be in their property for a longer period, then you can subscribe for 2 or more years and receive a 20% savings. 

See the pricing matrix below:

Subscription Term 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years 6 Years 7 Years 8 Years 9 Years 10 Years
Per Property Cost $3.00 $4.80 $7.20 $9.60 $12.00 $14.40 $16.80 $19.20 $21.60 $24.00
20% savings calculation $1.20 $1.80 $2.40 $3.00 $3.60 $4.20 $4.80 $5.40 $6.00

Prior to the subscription period expiration, you will be notified to renew or remove your subscription.   BuyItNext.com does not store credit card information, so you will need to re-enter your preferred payment information at the time of subscription renewal.

Important:  There are no refunds of last selling agent subscription fees, irrespective of the reason for subscription termination.  


Real estate agents need a long-term brand strategy for long-term success. 

Without your own personal brand, last-selling agents risk getting lost in the ‘sea of sameness’. There are over 3,00,000 agents in the U.S., all essentially offering the same service.  but without differentiating yourself, how can you possibly stand out?

A last-selling agent on BuyItNext.com can stand out by increasing visibility continuously over the duration of a client’s ownership.

By connecting you exclusively with the potential buyers who are interested in your off-market properties your lead opportunities can not only help you grow your business but also edge out the competition of iBuyers, fix and flip buyers, and buy and hold investor buyers when the current owner is preparing to sell.

How to calculate the last-selling agent brand advertising return on investment?

Return on investment (ROI) is a metric that real estate agents around the globe use to calculate the return generated from their investment or marketing/advertising spend. It helps to analyze the efficiency of an investment and understand whether the decision behind investing the money was the right one strategically.

The good news is that knowing the ROI for a given advertising channel like social media, IDX website, Facebook ads, and more, gives you an accurate idea about the strategies that are successful and those that are not.

The not-so-surprising news is that there is no way to know the value at the onset of starting any new advertising strategy. However, BuyItNext.com keeps your brand advertising cost low and your return on investment high

How Can BuyItNext.com Help?


If your visibility on BuyItNext.com results in helping just one new customer per year buy or sell a property for $400,000, then your return on your $3.00 annual investment per property would be 5.900%.

Enter Median sale price of the registered properties in your local marketplace  E.g.U.S.  $400,000
Average net commission % after splits 2.25%
Number of properties you helped current owners purchase. 50
Number of new client transaction sides per year you reasonably can expect to generate from being registered on BuyItNext.com as the last selling agent. 1
Calculate Last selling agent investment per property. $3.00
Total last selling agent investment based on number of properties registered on BuyItNext.com $150.00
Average Sale Commission $9,000.00
Net commissions $8,850.00
Last Selling Agent's Return On Investment Estimate 5,900%

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Does BuyItNext.com participate in the marketing and selling of real estate?

No.  Our primary purpose is to give consumers greater visibility to the home service providers who helped the current owner buy the property, improve the property, maintain the property, and are likely to help sell the property in the future. 

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Does BuyItNext.com charge registered last-selling agents referral fees?

No.   BuyItNext.com does not participate in the monetization of real estate transactions, including referral fees from registered last-selling agents.

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Does BuyItNext.com charge lead generation fees to registered last-selling agents?

No.    BuyItNext.com does not participate in the monetization of real estate transactions, including charging registered last agents for consumer leads.

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When and how do registered last-selling agents get connected to registered potential buyers?

When:  Not until a registered last selling agent signs in to BuyItNext.com and changes the property status from "off-market" to "ready to sell". 

How:  All registered potential buyers are notified to contact the registered last selling agent if they are still interested in purchasing a property
.  The "ready to sale" notification provides registered prospective buyers with the last selling agent's contact information but does provide the property address or the owner's name. Potential buyers must contact the registered last selling agent to discuss the property location and opportunities to purchase the property. 

Important:  Potential buyers are under no obligation to contact the last selling agent, and may contact another agent of their choosing, including Off-Market Advisors to initiate contact with the registered last selling agent on their behalf.   

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When and how does a registered last-selling agent change the property status from "off-market" to "ready-to-sell"?

After confirming the current owner's intention to sell, the registered last selling agent can sign in to BuyItNext.com to change property status from "off-market" to "ready-to-sell".   

Registered potential buyers will be sent ready-to-sell notifications with the last selling agent's contact information.  Ready-to-sell notifications do not provide registered prospective buyers' property location information.  It is up to the last selling agent when to disclose the property location to potential buyers who contact them. 

Important Reminders:  1. Intentional misrepresentation of the owner’s readiness to sell a property will result in the removal of BuyItNext.com user privileges.    2.  Comply with local MLS  Clear Cooperation Policies.  3. Change property status from "ready to sell" to "off-market" if the current owner no longer is ready to sell.   

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What is a potential buyer interest questionnaire?

Potential buyers or agents with potential buyers who complete a buyer interest questionnaire will result in the generation of a notification to registered current owners or the current owner's registered last selling agent.  It does not provide any personal identification information about potential buyers.    

Below are the potential buyer interest questions:

1. Are you working with a salesperson/broker at this time?  Yes or No
2. What type of buyer? First-time,  Investor, Second Home, etc.
3. Are you a cash buyer? Yes or No
4. If not a cash buyer, are you pre-qualified?  
5. How much has a lender told you that you're qualified for? $_____________
6. What is your buying time frame? Within 3 months
Within 6 months
Within 9 Months
When owner is ready to sell
7. Do your own or rent now? Own
8. How many months have you been looking? ____
9. If you find the right property, are you prepared to make a decision?  Yes or No Sure
10. What price range have you been considering? $________   to $________
11. How many bedrooms? ____
12. What minimum square footage? ______ sq. ft.
13. Preferred method to be contacted?   Phone, Emai, or Text 
14. Do you want your personal identity shared after the last selling agent certifies intent to sell?  Yes or No
15. Do you want to bid to enter into a Right Of First Offer Agreement? Yes or No

Completing a buyer interest survey does not obligate potential buyers to make an offer of purchase or retain the services of a real estate agent not of their choosing.   

Registered potential buyers may update their questionnaireresponses at any time. 

Important To Know 
When the current owner is ready to sell the property, the status on BuyItNext.com can be changed by the registered property owner or the property owner's registered last selling agent.  Changing the property status from "Off-Market" to "Ready To Sell" will generate notifications to registered potential buyers to contact the registered property owner or the property owner's registered last selling agent.

Also Important To Know:   The "Ready To Sell" notification to registered potential buyers does not contain any property location information.   Potential buyers can contact the registered property owner or the property owner's registered last selling agent to obtain property location information.

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Why are off-market property floor plans a big deal?

Absent multiple interior images online, floor plans have become the most important piece of information for potential buyers searching for off-market property opportunities.   

They provide a living area perspective.

Last-selling agents are well-positioned to use the CubiCasa mobile floorplan app,  and then upload the floor plan image on BuyItNext.com with the property owners' approval.   Add your own logo! 

Note:  BuyItNext.com is not involved in the generation of floor plans, nor does BuyItNext.com receive any form of compensation from providers  of CubiCasa floor plans.

How do registered last-selling agents review buyer interest questionnaire responses?

Registered last-selling agents can sign in to BuyItNext.com to review registered buyer interest questionnaire responses throughout the current owner's duration of ownership.  Buyer interest questionnaire responses do not contain Personal Identity Information (PII).  

Buyer interest questionnaire responses are subject to change, so be prepared to ask for updates when a potential buyer contacts you.

Important: BuyItNext.com does not share a registered potential buyer's personal identity information (PII), unless required by law.  

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Who are buyer interest questionnaire responses shared with?

If a potential buyer or an agent representing a potential buyer selects a property they are interested in buying, then the responses provided in the buyer interest questionnaire are available exclusively to the registered last-selling agent.

If a current owner is registered on buyitnext.com because they don't have the last selling agent, or their last selling agent does not register on buyitnext.com, then responses provided in the buyer interest questionnaire are available to registered current owners. 

Important: BuyItNext.com does not share a potential buyer's personal identity information.  It's up to potential buyers to disclose PII to third parties, including but not limited to registered last-selling agents, current owners, and Marketplace Experts.

Equally Important: BuyItNext.com does not share "ready to sell" property location information.  It's up to current owners, or their last selling agent to disclose to third parties property information when owners are ready to sell to buyers. 

How can last-selling agents enhance their value to current owners of off-market properties and potential buyers?

Last-selling agent online visibility allows last-selling agents to connect with potential buyers throughout the duration of property ownership, which helps current owners when they're ready to sell.   Below are some of the benefits last-selling agents provide current owners and potential buyers.  

Last-Selling Agent Value Propostion Property Owners  Potential Buyers
• Provide Local Market Trend Reports. •  • 
• Provide lender-grade automated value estimates and comparative market analysis •  • 
• Review potential buyer interest questionnaire responses with property owner throughout the duration of ownership.. •   
• Facilitate the granting Right of First Offer.

•  •  
• Facilitate authorized sharing of off-market property access as well as information buyers want when property owners are ready to sell.     For example, photos, images, floor plans, property condition disclosures,  pre-listing inspection reports, and maintenance history. •  • 
• Facilitate, compare and present offers from potential buyers.    •  • 
• Where authorized by law - facilitate off-market transactions on behalf of one or both parties before a property is actively listed for sale. •  • 
• Facilitate marketing of actively listed for sale property in compliance with local MLS's requirements to adhere to NAR's Clear Cooperation Policy  •   • 

What are a real estate agent's responsibilities as a transaction broker (a.k.a. facilitator or intermediary0?

Each state or jurisdiction may have specific requirements for licensed real estate professionals acting in a non-fiduciary capacity.

In general terms, a holder of a real estate license in a non-fiduciary role must adhere to the following guidelines::

  • Must treat all parties to the transaction impartially and fairly;
  • May, with the parties' written consent, appoint a different license holder associated with the broker to each party (owner and buyer) to communicate with, provide opinions and advice to, and carry out the instructions of each party to the transaction.
  • Must not, unless specifically authorized in writing to do so by the party, disclose:
    • that the owner will accept a price less than the written asking price;
    • that the buyer/tenant will pay a price greater than the price submitted in a written offer; and
    • any confidential information or any other information that a party specifically instructs the broker in writing not to disclose, unless required to do so by law.
Important:  Every licensed holder should consult with their managing or employing broker for specific requirements of intermediaries, facilitators, or transaction brokers in their marketplace. 

Why would a property owner's last-selling agent not be registered on BuyItNext.com?

There are several possible explanations.   

1.  As strange as it may sound, they don't want more business than they already have.

2.  They don't want other agents with interested buyers contacting them until they have the current owner's property actively listed for sale.

3. They don't realize there is a significant potential Return On Investment when they are visible and connected with consumers on buyitnext.com throughout the property owner's duration of ownership. 

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How can an off-market property advisor help last-selling agents of off-market properties?

BuyItNext.com encourages off-market property advisors to be advocates for last-selling agent participation on BuyItNext.com.   Why?   It's a collaborative relationship.  last-selling agents may know if and when current owners are getting ready to sell and off-market property advisors may know how to help potential buyers pursue off-market buying opportunities.

When a potential buyer contacts an off-market property advisor asking for assistance buying off-market property, off-market property advisors are encouraged to first reach out to registered last selling agents before they do any door knocking or send current owner's buyer interest letters  Why?  Professional courtesy and increased likelihood for off-market transactional success!

What is an 'Exclusive Right To Facilitate Off-Market Offers Agreement'? 

The draft document can be used by property owners and their choice of licensed real estate professionals for the purposes of establishing a single point of contact for receiving, comparing, and presenting offers from potential buyers throughout the duration of ownership without actively listing and marketing the property for sale. 

Key summary provisions:

1. Consultation fee is likely to be $0.

2. Designated SPOC Obligations:

- to assist the property owner in receiving, comparing, and presenting off-market offers from potential buyers.

- to use professional knowledge, skills, and expertise in assisting consumers.

3. Client Obligations:

- to work exclusively with the designated SPOC agent during the terms of the agreement.

- to furnish relevant property information to SPOC necessary to facilitate off-market offers.

4. Term of the agreement shall terminate at any time upon oral or written termination by Client.


Real estate professionals should obtain the permission of their managing broker and legal counsel before using the Exclusive Right To Facilitate Off Market Offers agreement to ensure compliance with MLS membership Clear Cooperation Policy as well as local and state regulatory agencies.. 


How can a registered last-selling agent remove a property?

Sign In and go to My Properties to remove properties.

Registered last-selling agents should sign in to BuyItNext.com to remove subscriptions on properties they no longer are the current owner's last-selling agent on, or no longer want to be connected with registered potential buyers when the current owner is getting ready to sell. 

Important:  BuyItNext does not delete subscriptions of last selling agents on properties unless notified of a more recent property sale transaction.  If you are the registered last selling agent on a property that is sold, and you helped the next owner purchase the property, you can subscribe as the new owner's last selling agent.

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